Graphic Design Genius in the Making!

I swear kids are getting smarter and smarter,  are they genetically modified?!!

Im totally blown away by the talented Milan, an 11 year old who has set up his own Etsy shop called Moofus . He has his very own  gallery of  drawings depicting his home in Sydney, and they are really good. To top it off a percentage of his sales goes to charity International Animal Rescue! Clearly Milan will be someone to look out for in the future, what will he be up to when he is 21?!

Below is an excerpt from Milan;

“I am 12 years old and my mum and dad wont let me leave school to get a proper job and as I wont fit up chimneys anymore, I draw lots of pictures.

I give a percentage of my sales to the charity International Animal Rescue, you can see them here
They are the reason I opened this shop because I wanted to help the bears, so please consider them next time you wish to donate to a charity.

My drawings have appeared in
Dwell magazine
lost at e minor
jacky winter peter peter
poppy talk
studio home creative
pret a voyager
sanfrancisco girl by bay
FBi Radio magazine

All prints are available as larger prints on 11.5″ x 16.5″ paper as well.
Please contact me if you would like one, as these are printed to order.

Lots of nice people have put me in their blogs and I would like to say thankyou to you all very much.
Please visit my website at
This will give you a link to where you can buy my prints in AU$ if you so wish.

This is my mums shop, she is a screenprinter and she helps me run my shop.


Triscia 03/02/2010

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