Graphic Design Heaven!

I’m currently in the throes of renovating our home, being on quite a strict budget Kate who has been helping with the interior design suggested i rummage around Doug Up On Bourke in Waterloo to introduce some eclectic style to our design. What an amazing place, a creative’s dream, a HUGE, mind blowing warehouse popping at the seams with industrial and vintage goodies, anything from industrial copper and stainless steel operating tables (see: my new kitchen island bench) to giant stuffed camels (not sure where or how to use that one but love it all the same).

Flavio my partner loved all the old operating lights and machinery whilst Luca our son loved the vintage life sized cars and mannequins. I loved everything. to quote their website “Doug Up On Bourke is a place to browse, a place to mooch around slowly, a place where surprises lurk and memories come flooding back”. We spent hours mooching about and have come away with some great ideas. Don’t take my word for it, check it out for yourself at 901 Bourke Street Waterloo, have fun!

Triscia Ambrosini 23/07/12