Hipstamatic Photography App

Graphic Designers love … photography!

There are so many fantastic photography Apps for iPhones out there, that even the most average photo can be transformed into a gorgeous shot. There is one App though that really stands out, not so much for the filters, lens options and flash choices but for the wonderful graphics used … Hipstamatic!

Graphic Designers are suckers for beautiful graphics and the retro camera graphics and literal way in which photos are taken makes me swoon. The studio has been busily snapping away building our Snapshop library, Hipstamatic is definitely my favourite photography App for iPhones.

Carla Coulson, a talented Aussie photographer living in Paris has written a ¬†really thorough tutorial on how to use this App, check it out at carlacoulson.com. There are also some great examples of the effects that can be achieved by combining all the lens and film options. Its not as easy to use as the wildly popular Instagram, but I think its a lot more fun and ultimately more satisfying. Don’t take my word for it, take a look for yourself! Happing snapping!

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Triscia Ambrosini 16/09/2013

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