How Not for Profit Organisations can Enhance Their Brand in 2019

When you are constantly under scrutiny for your spending it is essential to look for alternatives that cost little and do a lot. Brightening up your brand without breaking the bank is no easy feat however it can definitely be done and not-for-profits in particular can benefit from these concepts.

Below lies a list of 5 ways not for profit organisations can enhance their brand in 2019.

  1. Update and refresh your brand, now I’m not saying you have to go all out and commence an entire organisational rebrand (not that that would be a bad thing by any means) but sometimes all it takes is a little re-fresh, a touch of colour, a re-work of an old image etc to make people take note, putting you back in the minds of your target audience without all the effort of a full scale marketing campaign. As times change and brands grow, little tweaks along the way help keep everything up to date and relevant and limit the ‘Is this look worn out and falling behind’ feeling.
  1. It’s okay to brag, recommended even. If you don’t highlight your organisations small wins who will? It’s also a great way to personalise a brand and increase customer loyalty. Get creative and think outside the box, show your successes in short videos and infographics featured across your socials and get a laugh from your audience, while at the same making them feel good about all the positive work your organisation is doing for the community at large. I have said this before on this platform and I will say it again, give context to statistics and stories to numbers, make it interesting, change the way people feel about reading company reports. This is particularly important when it comes to not-for-profits who often get a bad rap when it comes to company culture.
  1. Video, Video, Video and did I say video? As online users become increasingly mobile only, a large majority of their online consumption takes place whilst on the go and this has led to a need for video content if a brand wants to stay relevant. Quick, entertaining and most importantly informative, videos are a great way to stay relevant in the minds of your intended audience. They are easy to watch and they effectively spread an organisations message while at the same time having a high chance of being shared across a variety of social platforms. NFP’s in particular can benefit from this medium as it is a great way to link international efforts and show a big picture view in a quick and easy to digest format.
  1. Be consistent be authentic and have a purpose that is clearly identifiable, leave no room for questioning. This can be helped by online feedback, great campaigns are created based on social media commentary, show your audience you care and highlight the positive things you feel are mentioned most and address the negative ones in a constructive way, people love when a brand acknowledges their down falls especially when they find ways In which they can turn it into a positive selling point.
  1. Establish your not for profit as an innovative and ideas-based organisation. Put ideas forward and question the status quo through your branding. Make people question their currently held beliefs and highlight issues relating to your not for profit that people don’t tend to think about. Teaching consumers something new and interesting, especially through a tech-savvy medium, is a great way to be remembered and potentially sway them towards your charity when it comes time to donate.

All of the points listed above don’t have to be all consuming, the great thing about them is that they can be implemented little by little over time, gradually building in impact along the way. To chat more about ways Fresco Creative can collaborate with your NFP call us on 8116 9033. I would love to hear from you.

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