These stunning antique looking creations let the mind meander & take us back to the days where men wore pin stripped suits on planes & ladies feathered hats on ocean liners, where young men grew tapered moustaches, woman smoked thin cigarettes from ivory holders & everyone had a surprised look on their face.

Nick Dawson’s spectacular illustrations have appeared everywhere from billboards, buses & books to the wall next to a telephone. Born in Scotland & finally settling in California, he spent the good part of two decades everywhere in between & now claims that he can only guarantee one thing: That inspiration will only strike at the most inappropriate of moments. In the mean time he recommends reading, checking out other people’s work & travel. In no particular order of course.

Nick seems to have worked out the recipe for the perfect existence. Now if only the rest of us could produce pieces as divine as his & as often.

Nat 23.07