I love trawling through my fav design blog’s blogrolls (try saying that with a mouth full of chocolate croissant). Its such a journey, going deeper and deeper until you end up somewhere you never expected. So it was with the discovery of 52 Suburubs by Louise Hawson. Louise is a fellow Sydney sider who has set out to explore Sydney’s 600 suburbs with just her trusty camera and her fantastic eye for design and detail. Her goal was to visit one new suburb a week and to seek out the beauty in the burbs. The result is a fantastic journey around this fantastic city through her eyes.Check it out at http://www.52suburbs.com

I was so inspired by this project i grabbed my Nikon and headed out on the Clovelly to Bronte Cliff walk on the weekend. Ok true this is not a great diversion from the beaten track for me as this is my local stomping ground, but it got me taking more notice of the beauty thats all around me and made me appreciate my beautiful burb even more. The 1st 2 images are Louise’s shot in Lakemba, the last 2 are mine taken at Clovelly. Enjoy!

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Triscia Ambrosini 22/08/11