Fresco is on the verge of launching our very own image gallery, in light of this the studio has been extra inspired by all those creative photographers out there. I know Ive been acting like Louise Hawson’s personal PR machine with almost all my posts being about her intrepid travels across the globe, but … I could not help myself this week as one of her latest posts was dedicated to Fresco!

Im not sure if you remember my post way back in 2011, I mentioned Louise was sending a shout out to anyone wanting to support her creative idea with a small donation. I was more than happy to put my hand up for that and in return I have had months and months of living vicariously through her posts with some fabulous arm chair travel. Like so many talented women out there Louise is not only a wonderful photographer but a wordsmith as well. Her posts are always informative and endlessly entertaining. The post dedicated to Fresco, the best entry so far (honest) with Louise creating a gangster Novella, very appropriate for her LA Echo Park entry. Have a read, its lots of fun

Triscia Ambrosini