Logo Design for Presbyterian Aged Care

We’ve just completed a rebrand project for the lovely folks over at Presbyterian Aged Care. The brief was to come up with a fresh, clean and modern logo that represented the comfort and happiness of living in a Presbyterian Aged Care facility. It was important that the logo maintained a religious feel to represent their links to the church. Brief in hand, we set about coming up with concepts to reflect the nature of the brand.

The solution was a butterfly emblem, which is modeled on the flames from the Presbyterian church logo. We adapted the icons to create a butterfly shape, expressing the freedom that the residents experience from living in their homes and engaging in their services. The butterfly wings are formed around a cross shape, reflecting the religious side of the organisation. Purple is used as it combines the stability of blue with the energy of red, radiating independence, dignity and wisdom.

Alongside the logo, we’ve had the opportunity to develop stationery designs, signage, advertising and website concepts. We look forward to working with Presbyterian Aged Care on their next project!

Annalisa 1/3/12


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