Macquarie University Poster Designs

Earlier this year we played our part in Macquarie University’s O-week!
We designed a range of 9 posters to show students what was on offer at their newly refurbished Gymnasium, the benefits of joining up to their
Gym Membership Club and how to make the most of their Uni’s very comprehensive range of sports and fitness activities.

The posters covered boot camp, group fitness, personal training, pool exercise, weight training, spin, yoga and even parkour classes!

Off the back of that project we then designed a Sport and Fitness Marquee. Then THAT was such a hit that the Campus Experience Department said “We want one too!”. We whipped up a design for them in no time at all.

They are busy bees over at Macquarie!

Andrea Dell 24.05.2012


Macquarie Uni PostersUniversity Marquee