Mind the Gap

When we are setting up files over here at Fresco, the good old ‘Find/Change’ tab is immediately sought to get rid of all those pesky double spaces in documents supplied. I stumbled across this interesting blog entry by Farhad Manjoo: http://www.slate.com/id/2281146/pagenum/all/#p2 which tells a bit more of a story about why we shouldn’t use double spaces after full-stops…

“Every modern typographer agrees on the one-space rule. It’s one of the canonical rules of the profession, in the same way that waiters know that the salad fork goes to the left of the dinner fork and fashion designers know to put men’s shirt buttons on the right and women’s on the left.”

Have a read…and let’s say goodbye to the double space once and for all!!

Annalisa 17.1.11