Miso – Art, not soup

Tiny Ukrainian born artist Miso works on & off the street in Melbourne, her femininity shines through in her mantra which is best explained in her own words.

“It comes down to wanting to share your drawings and artwork with people that otherwise wouldn’t see it. I’d rather give it away instead of selling it and engaging in art as the commodity that it can be”.

“Even though being female is likely to resonate and permeate my work, which is a rather nice idea, I try to make art which isn’t overtly ‘female’, in the way that a lot of other female artists and graffers do. So much of contemporary art is concerned with ‘unsettling notions’ or ‘destroying comforts’ for really superficial and empty reasons, drawings usually end up being young females, though that’s also a really conscious part of my work – in the sense that, like most female street artists, in my own depictions of women, I’m actively changing the way I want them to be seen and worth in graffiti, and by other (male) graffiti artists, both as artists and figures.”

All of her pieces are created using a number of mediums – from paper, pen, watercolour, wood & cans, but she always seems to come back to the old trusty pen & paper. Producing her beautiful pieces that make every person that sees them feel like they are a better person because of it. That is her aim, which she has successfully met. Now all there is to do is sit back & loose yourself.