More Inspiration for all you Graphic Designers with Mondayitis!

Following up on my post from last week I have been so inspired by Louise Hawson’s 52 Suburbs project I’ll feature her again! This week I thought I would feature Surry Hills, one of my absolute favourite Sydney suburbs and also happens to be Fresco Creative’s studio location at 55 Holt Street.

This suburb has changed a lot in the last 12 years whilst we have been operating here, mostly an influx of more groovy Melbourne like enotecas and eateries… you know … the dark woody interior with low moody lighting, well dressed European looking waiters, a very serious approach to espresso drinking, and fantastic food. Louise’s take is one of a much more colourful Surry Hills, a boho sensibility, the vintage design sense, the inner city terrace house … take a look for yourself and do yourself a favour if you havent visited this suburb for a while pop in to the studio for a coffee and to say hello!

Triscia Ambrosini 29/08/2011