Graphic Designers love Bagni Vecchi

Yes, yes I know I’m supposed to blog about all things creative but as the weather turns cold my thoughts are returning to one of my favorite places in the world to warm oneself up – Bagni Vecchi in Northern Italy! I figured a few days spent in this romantic hotel in the Alps with its ancient spa (the Romans used to come here to chill out/warm up centuries ago) would most definitely fill and recharge the creative well.

My partner took me here for a few days as a gift when we were still dating years ago, as an Italian he has the inside scoop on lovely romantic places around Italy. Needless to say this was a very good move on his part, if you want to woo a hedonist this is the place!

The spa and wellness centre is nestled into the side of the Italian mountains and offers 30 different thermal treatments. With more than 2 thousand years of history, you can take a dip in the Roman baths, or in the century old grottoes if that takes your fancy. Or what about a dip in the open air hot pool overlooking the snow capped alps? If a dip in the medieval baths isn’t your bag you can always wander up to the romantic rose coloured hotel for a chocolate massage or a glass of wine. A hedonist’s choice for this winter’s escape.

Triscia Ambrosini 28/05




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