One French Photographer inspiring One Sydney Graphic Designer

I often blog about local Bondi Boy Eugene Tan and his very successful and inspiring Beach Blog, Aquabumps. Its my Monday morning ritual escape when I am chained to my desk in our Surry Hills studio ready to start the working week, wishing I was home by the sea. Also reflects my yearning for summer to finally arrive, I’m literally counting down the days.

Today I thought I’d travel a little further and showcase the work by French photographer Christian Chaize. Christian has created a series of gorgeous beach shots titled Praia Piquinia. The candy colour umbrellas are devine and the natural beauty of this beach is unquestionable. Christian shoots this same beach in a series of scenes, each time with subtle change, and each shot equally as engaging. I found a wonderful review by Jen Bekman on his work (posted below) to give you a deeper appreciation of this series. A far more eloquently put review than my own descriptions and an extremely romantic viewpoint to boot. So in the spirit of an ever encroaching summer … enjoy!

“It’s clear that this beach is easy on the eyes. But Christian’s choice to persistently return to it, again and again, throughout the years, is more than what it seems at first glance. Seeking something new and engaging in what is intimately familiar deepens your relationship with it.* For most people, it’s hard not to become bored when looking at the same thing again and again, even if it’s beautiful. There’s a certain kind of bravery in doing just that. So while there’s something tender in his enduring interest and discovery, I also see a sort of courage, and love. I have been thinking a lot about this idea: that the key to love and being loved is courage. Courage is to be brave of heart.

It’s the ability to remain devoted, to not become bored, that separates love from infatuation. There’s so much distraction to be found in the new, the different and the exciting, all energy going outward toward understanding what’s unfamiliar—it is what drives infatuation. The opposite of this is the hard thing, the thing that requires courage—the wish and the will to seek something thrilling in the familiar, and to find it”.

Or in the words of Proust;

The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes.”—Marcel Proust

Triscia Ambrosini 24/10