One Graphic Designer Inspired by One Wordsmith

I’m so inspired by all the amazing talent I literally trip over when I’m mooching around creative blog sites. In particular creative women who are not only masters of the written word but have oodles of photographic talent. Their blogs are their daily dharma to their favorite craft, mostly not commercial ventures and are endlessly inspiring and enriching to my own life

My latest discovery is the talented Australian Sally May Mills. Her current adventure exploring southern Italy has me busting at the seams ready to explore that part of the country. Puglia, Abruzzo, Sicilia ahhhhh even the mere mention of those places fills me with such an endorphin rush, many nights have been spent pouring over maps and books planning my next adventure. Sally’s blog “Treacle for Sticky Beaks, Drizzles from a Sweet Life” is exactly that! I love her entry on a Sicilian Market place experience and her beautiful images, as she eloquently puts it  “I would rather visit a market than a museum any day, and Catania’s central extravaganza is a living, stinking, moving mass of produce porn”.Rather than take my word for it check it out for yourself.

Triscia 13/08/2012