One Italian Photographer Inspiring One Sydney Graphic Designer

There’s a bit of a beach/ocean photography theme running through my creative inspiration at the moment. Must be summer’s soon-to-be arrival that has me poring over photographs of devine beach scenes and dreamy surreal underwater shots. Regular readers of our posts know I have blogged about Eugene Tan’s AquaBumps, and Christian Chaize Praia Piquina series in the past, well now I’m just loving Marco Moretti’s series.

Marco is primarily a surf photographer although his prolific work is far more diverse than that, even so it’s his ocean photography that I love. In particular some truly dreamy underwater photos of shadowy figures skimming the ocean floor, and light particulars shimmering through white foamy breaks and air bubbles. Marco is a seriously talented individual and as a friend for many years, one of the loveliest guys I know! Don’t take my word for it, take a look below.

Triscia Ambrosini 07/11

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