Our Packaging Designs are in production in Italy!

Graphic Designers love … NOUGAT!

We can’t wait to see these in real life but we have received some ‘preview’ photos from the factory of how things are progressing in Italy, where Kiarella’s 200g and 50g bars and packaging (designed by us) are being produced. This project was such a joy to work on. Carmelo and Rach were so enthusiastic and excited to finally be getting the Australian arm of their family Nougat business off the ground. They chose this great black and white design from the three concepts we presented to them.


We really went back to the “drawing” board with the logo – creating the iconic accordian man with a lead pencil. You can see the Various Assorted flavour in the photos but there are already six flavours in the making, all colour coded.


A big thank you also goes out to Rowan Jackson Photography, who captured the essence of the nougat range with such flair – take a look.


We can’t wait to break open the top sticker and watch the lid split in two, to reveal the other accordian players on the side panels.


Check out this project and our other packaging work here. You can also ‘follow’ Kiarella on Facebook for up to the minute news, just click here. While you’re at it, here’s a link to follow Rowan Jackson Photography as well!


By Andrea Dell 22.11.13

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