Pencils do it better


Rik Lee is a freelance illustrator who lives and draws in Melbourne. After the completion of his degree in Graphic Design, he decided to concentrate on his real passion – illustration. His work uses icons and images that reflect and categorise particular eras, genres and subcultures. He explores the symbolism of certain objects and the narratives you can achieve through combining and/or juxtaposing these objects. His use of soft pastel colours don’t overpower his light and delicate pencil work, and it was here that I first found myself attracted to his compositions.

Pencil seems his favorite medium. Experimenting with different mediums is not out of the question but he always seem to return to the trusty pencil box.

“As far as the process goes, I almost always begin with pencil drawings of elements. I build the composition with these pencil drawings and then add colour and detail with other mediums. I have a whole bunch of mediums that I like to use, textas, ink, water colour, photoshop…. just whatever seems to work at the time really”

His style usually defined by the mediums he uses, and his past and current influences, seems to maintain its modern edge over the years “I’ve tried to combine these influences with the modern interests like skateboarding, punk rock, teen angst and graphic design.” Each illustration a clash of elements, influences & social trends. Looks like he will be round to stay.

Sarah 20.10