Fresco has worked closely with the Health and Safety team at GPT Group and Risk Factors (their independent safety contractor) to develop an A4 Safety Manual, featuring a series of infographics, to improve adherence to their Health and Safety Strategy. We designed this Manual with colour-coded sections for Leadership & Worker Participation, Planning, Support, Development, Operation, Procurement, Emergency Management, Monitoring & Review, Improvement. We created ‘removable’ posters that were interspersed throughout the sections which summarised key info, to be displayed on work sites. The publication was predominantly to be viewed on-screen or hand held device but some copies were also distributed to key personnel. The digital version featured clickable URLs and interactive Contents functionality that allowed readers to quickly jump to the relevant section. Fresco also supplied designed presentation slides for the in-person Safety briefings and a series of 70+ forms or checklists that employees could use to help them adhere to the company’s, sometimes complex, H&S regulations. Click here to read the full manual on Issuu.

“The manual looks fantastic! Thanks for producing such a wonderful product.” – Rachel Atkins, Risk Factors (GPT Group H&S Consultant)

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