The Port Authority of New South Wales (PANSW) came to Fresco to create a visual identity for OnePort, which is essentially an innovation in port management systems, that allows PANSW to manage the operations and vessel movements of multiple ports through one system. Based on the current NSW Government brand framework, we created a visual solution as a ‘lock-up’ that our client wanted to operate with its own set of templates and visual guidelines, underneath the existing Port Authority guidelines. Fresco refined the existing OnePort logo and formulated this finished lock up, providing our client with a set of logo assets to use for all future communications. This was followed by exploring the larger visual language by designing templates for Word, Powerpoint, HTML emails, favicons, social icons and lastly writing a styleguide to accompany everything and distribute to future users of the OnePort brand. To read the full styleguide on ISSUU click here.

“The template is looking and working great! Thank you for everything you’ve done for us this year!” – Nicole, Port Authority of NSW

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