Fresco was approached by Southern Cross Vocational College to develop their social media pages on both Facebook and Instagram. Prior to Fresco, the College was creating its marketing campaigns internally and felt that although this was a cost-effective approach, it didn’t allow for a unique marketing approach which was required by the college as it offers something completely unique to the educational system in Sydney. Southern Cross Vocational College offers a different concept and methodology to it’s students giving them the opportunity to explore their passions whilst completing high school – getting ahead in an area that is of genuine interest to them. To ensure the College would connect with potential customers and students on a personal level, we decided to start by creating a strong presence on different social media accounts. After the initial briefing, our designers and social media specialist worked together on the analysis of client, market and competitors to then create a strategy. We created content categories that addressed the college’s main points of difference as well as its overall goal, which was to increase awareness of the college and alternative vocational pathways. The final concept featured images of the numerous professions that students can pursue within the College. We developed the frame graphic to show students in their potential career while overlapping with other posts to show the strong link between other aspects of the College. We have set the tone of the images by selecting only shots of students in action and selected typography to set a more casual tone of voice which is more appropriate for Social Media channels. The strategy and visual solution was approved by the board and now Fresco manages the imagery, copy writing, planning and scheduling of the college’s social media channels on a monthly basis.

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