Precision Paper


Up and coming German artisit Simon Schubert creates these sculptures on a single sheet of paper with some artfully planned folds. At first it looks as ifhe has used a scoring sylis but it is nothing more than artfully placed folds.

From far away they appear as rectangular, white surfaces. Only at a distance of less than two meters do the paper works by Simon Schubert reveal their full three-dimensional complexity. In an intense process of folding paper the German sculptor creates lines, angles and even circles raised several millimetres. In the play of light they suddenly appear as views of stately homes with coffered ceilings, long corridors, staircases and halls with mirrors. Schubert’s sculptures elude any hasty classification as well. Faces vanish behind long, opaque hair. They avoid one’s eyes, regardless from whatever perspective the beholder is approaching.

Simon Schubert, who is said to count the writer Samuel Beckett among his greatest influences, deals with existential issues in his work; loneliness, isolation and loss. Above all, the theme of disappearance as a complete physical and psychological erasure is a recurring motif. His paper scuplures appear ghostly and play tricks with your eye as to what is there and what isnt.

His works are free to view at the Art Gallery of NSW until the 11th of June or you can check out more of his most recent exhibition

– Sionen 4/6/2009



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