What is the design process?

The design process starts with an initial conversation to get a feel for what the client is after, define their needs and identify the key goals of the project. Step two is research! We analyse the problem and look at what’s happening inside and outside your brand. Step three is all about ideas and concepts as we develop various designs that we feel best address the design brief. Step four, client presentation! Step five is the development of the client’s chosen concept, implementing any feedback they may have and proofreading. Last but not least, step six is production and delivery, we design the final artwork, oversee the print process, if there is one, and facilitate delivery to the client.

Why do we follow it?

Using a process like this one allows us as designers to maintain creativity and boost efficiency while sticking to any time and budget constraints the client may have. Allowing for a more targeted design solution, these steps help to keep design hours low (no guesswork) while at the same time creating unique designs that meets the brief, every time. The deeper you dive, the better the results. Design is not a one-size fits all thing and this process allows for exploration and adjustment. Each design is created specifically for each client in a way that improves brand recognition and strengthens overall brand reputation with the needs of both the client and the consumer in mind at all times.

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