Seduced by Good Design


Graphic Designers love … beautiful food!

I confess … I’m a sucker for beautiful packaging design, beautiful retail design, in fact anything that is designed well, you could sell me swamp water if it’s bottled in a beautifully branded and packaged container. If it looks good, count me in!

So the new Salt, Meat and Cheese warehouse-style shopping experience at The Grounds makes me a very happy girl indeed. It’s not a new concept, Fratelli Fresh have been doing it for a while now … the “cutting out the middle man” concept, where you feel you are shopping directly with the supplier as opposed to the retailer, but some how Salt Meat Cheese does it better. It’s the shopping experience I love, the beautiful Italian produce displayed in an old fashioned market style. The cheese and dried meat section makes me swoon, with those hanging Proscuitti and stinky cheeses piled up high … wandering in and out of those rustic warehouse aisles ogling all that beautiful European food stuff is the perfect Sunday afternoon distraction, Luca my 3 year old loves the old Italian wooden soccer game set, while munching on samples of pizza fresh from the oven. Beats Coles and Woolworths any day.

Don’t trust me take a look for yourself! And keep an eye out for our own Kiarella Torrone packaging design on the shelf while you’re there!

Triscia 13/11