Semi Permanent Design Conference

We all went to Semi-Permanent last Friday and Saturday! For me, the highlights were Alt; a creative agency, Corey O’Brien; a photographer/salmon fisherman, Supervixen; a motion studio, We Buy Your Kids; a cute couple who design band posters and screen prints from their newtown apartment and the legendary Reg Mombassa; famous for his Mambo graphics and cheeky wit.

Whilst there were a lot of photographers involved this year, it continued to inspire us creative types. The focus, as always, was on process, breaking into the industry and inspiration. Showing work was almost an aside, a way to sum up their career structures.

I found myself thinking more about how to use Adobe Illustrator in a more organic, textural way. Playing around with illustrations so that they lose their plasticy/clean/vector look a bit. It’s worthwhile to spend a little time on de-computerising your work sometimes. Everything we see these days is very polished and finished. It’s easy to feel that we are missing out on the grungy artful richness of rough textures like walls, handmade paper and fabrics.

Also, may we never again ignore the beauty of setting shapes to multiply and layering them up! Just watch your ink weights people, or your printer will send you a box of frogs for Christmas!

Andrea Dell 17.5.2011