Sew excited!

At Fresco we love getting crafty! Annalisa is up to her ears in buttons and cupcakes, Lauren has embarked on her very first upholstery project and me, well I’m just getting into sewing!

My mum used to own a fabric shop and teach ladies how to sew with stretch fabrics back in the ’90s, but it all started for me when I scored a fab little sewing machine from her, for my birthday recently! I call her Bernie.

Sewing Machine


So, I thought I’d share a fabulous little hotspot that I have found online! Sew Weekly is a bit like an online sewing magazine and it has a great little section called “Make this look” which is now so popular it has it’s own website. They take a style of dress from or Anthropologie – usually vintage/retro cuts – and suggest a few patterns for sale that you can use to create the exact look! A great idea for anyone with a sewing machine and a rainy weekend!


They even suggest fabrics and accessories! Not only does this also save you money but it’s more environmentally friendly than buying online because your new outfit doesn’t have to be made overseas and shipped to you. You could also try using vintage or second hand fabric (table cloths or curtains etc) to claim some extra eco-brownie points!

Andrea Dell 23.05.12

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