Snapshop Inspiration

Ive just recently returned from the Land of the Gods, laden with a camera full of Snapshop goodies. If you havent visited our new Snapshop section on our site, nows the time. Lots of local and not so local images for our studio to use in up and coming projects. As graphic designers often we just cant find the right image for our projects from Stock sources, and very often clients just don’t have the budget to create their own customised photo shoot. So we decided to fill in the gaps and create our very own photo library for shots that we just cant find in the other larger libraries.

Our design team are now hitting the streets (or beaches, clubs, other countries even) sourcing the images we know will be fantastic for our next client project. Its only in its fledgling stage at the moment, but watch our little library grow @

Happy browsing!

Triscia Ambrosini 26/08