Photography to add some Monday Morning Design Studio Cheer!

With winter poking its grey and unwelcome head around the corner I thought Id post some glamorous beach photography to cheer up the design studio this grey Autumn morning. This gorgeous shot was taken in what has to be one of the most beautiful beach resorts in the world Positano! Positano was the first place I visited when i embarked on my 3 year Odyssey around the world after finishing my university degree (many, many moons ago). It took my breath away and still does, my secret desire is to be able to spend a sabatical there (open a Fresco Creative International Design Studio there perhaps?)

Anyway, enjoy, I hope it reminds you of summer days, sipping Limoncellos under the shade of an umbrella. Photo by Ellen Von Unwerth.


Triscia Ambrosini 16/04/2012