I thought I’d share a little “something something” with all you creatives out there who want to get a little crafty but don’t know how. Yes, it sounds crazy but it happens. Maybe you work more efficiently when you have a few constraints/limitations and a bit of pressure? If you ever are feeling a bit creative but can’t really get the ball rolling without a brief or a deadline, these little chaps are here to save you.

The folks at post briefs and deadlines for creatives.


Open brief but it must include in it:

1. You

2. An animal

3. The colour blue

4. Money

5. A bottle

Due date: Friday 8th April 2011

So give it a shot! Doing “anything you like” is a lot harder than doing “something for someone” if you ask me.

They also just hosted a free art exhibition! It was held in a Newtown back alley on a Sunday. Read all about it here…

I submitted a couple of sketches. You see?

Andrea Dell 28.4.11