Sugar, Hönne, Hönne! Fun with packaging design!

As Graphic Designers, we LOVE dielines. Any chance to get on the phone to the knife-man and I’m on it! I don’t know what it is, perhaps the opportunity to work with shapes other than the usual A5, A4 and A3? Perhaps it’s the excitement that comes with considering the 3D aspects of a project as well as the 2D.

Here is a little project we saw around the traps that really plays with custom shapes, beyond the usual usage on packaging and across the stationery and promotional items as well. Tops work chaps!

RedKroft created this beautiful, young, and fresh branding and packaging for Hönne Multi-Vitamin drinks. We love the fresh and playful look of the brand. The organic and contemporary type face used for the logo mark is fitting. We love the leaves that forms the umlaut for the ” ö “. The use of a different type face for each flavor, creates a distinct personality. Each bottle still ties in with the other and create a harmonious feel for the brand.

Notes courtesy of The Dieline. Work designed by RedKroft.

Andrea Dell 19.09.11