Surreal and Magical Photography

I was doing my usual Monday morning trawl through my favorite creative blogs when my meanderings led me to a UK photographer and fine artist called Natalie Bybisz, you can check her work out at Miss Aniela. Very stylised and surreal, with an edge. I love the rich imagery, lots of layers of detail, the interesting locations and setting. All of this lends a storytelling element to Natalie’s images. Her photography remind me of a Peter Greenaway film (minus the nudity), there’s a real pictorial sense to her images, they resemble a Baroque or Renaissance painting. Here’s a quote from her web site – some Monday morning inspiration for all creatives;

Photography is always my ‘living’ whether I am working on personal or commercial work, because it is creating that keeps me feeling alive. I pour my mind into everything I create, and always aim to push the envelope with consistently compelling imagery with the highest production value I can make possible. In my personal work I want to stir people to question and to think, intelligibly – about the problems, the beauty, and the conflict between them, in the world around us today.”

Triscia Ambrosini 7/05