Suspended Paper Diorama Design Exhibition in Singapore

Yesterday saw the launch of Eccentric City – Rise and Fall, a collaboration exhibition between Singapore’s :phunk studio and Japanese artist Keiichi Tanaami.

Held at the ICA Gallery, the two highly-acclaimed creative forces displayed their huge city installation made from heaps of vibrant Tatebanko (the Japanese Edo-era art of creating paper dioramas).

The floating city is Tanaami and :phunk’s expression of an eternal cycle where cities are built up and are predestined to fall. This is illustrated by the buildings hanging by threads awaiting their imminent crash and burn to the scrap heap below.

The buildings also display the clashing of two art styles, with Tanaami’s colourful take on Japanese schoolgirls desires to appear like their Western idols contrasting against the :phunk boys wacky cast of black and white characters.

Who doesn’t love suspended paper dioramas! Check it out at Streething…

Andrea Dell 30.11.2010