Sydney Festival – Wonderful Design and Theatre

I’ve been blessed to have as my best friend a thespian, which means I get the inside scoop on the best theatre that comes to Sydney and if Im lucky even get to hob knob with the stars after the show!

What does this have to do with graphic design you may ask? Well recently Kylie took me to see Smoke and Mirrors at the Spiegeltent as part of the Sydney Festival – a brilliant and eclectic troupe of talent that features some of Australia’s best cabaret, circus and musical performers. Since 1920 some of the world’s most outrageous performers have played to hundreds of thousands of audience members in a dozen countries in the intimate, seductive atmosphere of The Famous Spiegeltent. The design of this venue is nothing short of inspirational, fantastic, lush, I felt like I was part of the Moulin Rouge set. Since then Ive been obsessed with European graphic design from the 20’s. Here’s what the festival director had to say:

“This magnificent tent has so many stories to tell, and many ghosts from opera to vaudeville and circus artists – how to celebrate 90 years of Spiegel magic, intrigue and escape? With Spiegelmaestro David Bates we decided to give The Famous Spiegeltent its very own show that placed the rich history, and the tent itself, at the centre of the story. Sydney Festival invited director Craig Ilott and shape-shifting musical phenomenon iOTA to create a completely contemporary show befitting of the tent’s journey through the 20th and 21st centuries, evoking the spirit of performers past and present who have created magic there, embraced by the sensual surrounds of coloured canvas, carved wood, smoke and mirrors…”

Anyone want to run away to the circus with me?!


Triscia 28/01/10