Talented Ladies of the Art World!


Recently whilst trawling the web for creative inspiration I came across this great website show casing the art work of Elizabeth Mcgrath. Her creative style is very magically, surreal, and slightly disturbing. Below is an excerpt from her website;

Los Angeles born self-taught artist Liz McGrath has been plundering
the darker corners of the world from which to elicit her cavalcade of
creatures; in her new works, she exposes the shadow-dwellers to the
full effects of unrelenting sunshine. Inspired, perhaps, by the
pervasive sense of exposure running rampant in the zeitgeist, McGrath
apologetically illuminates that which our frail psyches prefer to keep
in the dark, taking a much-needed closer look at our blind spots”

Check it out at www.elizabethmcgrath.com
Triscia (28/04/09)