The Link Between Social Media and SEO

We’ve talked a fair bit about SEO on this blog, however for those of you who are new here or just need a refresh, SEO or search engine optimisation entails all the free activities and strategies one undertakes in order to increase their visibility (ranking) on Google’s search engine, thus it is the thing that makes it possible for consumers to actually find your website and learn more about you and what you do exactly.

With so many websites in existence today, if you want your website to be noticed you need a targeted strategy, especially if you operate in a crowded industry like hospitality, construction, fashion etc. Don’t just expect someone to type in the name of your industry or even the name of your company and for it to just appear,  there are a large number of websites out there all spouting the same thing, if you want your website  to be the one that appears on peoples searches, you’re going to need to dedicate time and yes, money to the effort, but trust me, the effort is more than worth it and in fact in today’s digital world you don’t have any other choice if you want your brand to be successful.

The key elements that Google uses to determine how it will rank your website are; a secure and accessible website, regularly posted content, mobile friendliness, site speed, meta descriptions, key word frequency, backlinks, articles and Google business listings. In summary accessibility, reliability and authority are the things Google values the most when evaluating your website. Authority means websites and therefore businesses with a large amount of notoriety, power and influence, these are sites that get thousands of visits per day and numerous backlinks. For those who don’t know backlinks are links to your website put there by other people and businesses because they are talking about you on their social platforms, websites and articles, backlinks matter, they are crucial in fact, they mean people care and therefore Google needs to make it easy for all of those people to find you and they will.

This is where social media marketing has the power to generate a lot of traffic for your website and a large number of backlinks. When consumers are talking about something on social media, nine times out of ten they are providing links to it, which will have a dramatic effect on your SEO ranking.  If your business is one that has a large following on Facebook, Instagram or really any form of social media yet is lacking in website views, you need to work with these platforms in order to increase those numbers and turn those follows into site views through links not likes. What’s great is that social media backlinks can be tracked on Google analytics so you will know if your efforts are paying off and where to direct your time and money. Social media is powerful, providing absolutely anyone with opportunity to gain traction, get people talking, generate connections and turn interest into action.

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