Designer Dips – The Most Beautiful Pools in the World

It’s no secret that graphic designers love … POOLS!

In the movie Life Of Pi, it is claimed that the most beautiful pool in the world was Piscene Molitor. It was so beautiful that the main character was named after it. Our friends at Concrete Playground have offered up a great list of amazing pools this week complete with a little info on how far we need to go to get our toes wet!


Piscine Molitor – Paris, France

The Piscine Molitor, after which Yann Martel’s increasingly famous fictional hero is named, may not be considered one of the world’s most beautiful pools right now. Built in 1929, but having closed in 1989, it became a favourite haunt for hoodlums and graffiti artists throughout the 1990s. However, a 2014 reopening promises the reconstruction of the pool in all its art deco glory. If Ang Lee’s imaginative depictions are anything to go by, the Piscine Molitor will soon be the place to be.


The Blue Lagoon – Reykjavik, Iceland

The silica- and sulphur-rich waters of the Blue Lagoon are believed to possess powerful medicinal qualities. Whether or not you’re one of the faithful, you’re bound to be seduced by the mystical surroundings and the year-round 37-39°C water temperatures, especially if you’re visiting during one of Reykjavik’s icy winters. Having appeared in The Amazing Race 6, Hostel: Part II, and Britain’s Next Top Model, the Blue Lagoon is one of Iceland’s star tourist attractions.


Pocas do Gomes – Madeira, Portugal

The Pocas do Gomes lie on the idyllic southern edge of Madeira, a Portugese archipelago located 400km north of the Canary Islands. Naturally formed from volcanic rock, these pools enable expansive views over the Atlantic Ocean. A nearby restaurant offers fresh seafood and Portugese-style culinary delights.


Badeschiff – Berlin, Germany

As part of a 2004 public art project, Berlin based artist Susanne Lorenz transformed the hull of a 32m-long ship into a swimming pool and set it afloat it on the River Spree. Known as the Badeschiff, meaning ‘bathing ship’ in English, it is now one of Berlin’s primary summer attractions and includes table tennis tables and DJs for year-round fun.


Bondi Icebergs Baths – Sydney, Australia

Finally, we’d be doing ourselves a disservice were we to forget that some of the most beautiful scenery on Earth is on our doorstep. The Waverley Council recognised this back in the 1880s, when they built the Bondi Baths at the southern end of Australia’s most popular beach. Since 1929, the Baths have been home to the famous Icebergs, the only licensed Winter Swimming Club in the world. To be a member, you must be willing to swim at least one length of the 50m pool on three Sundays out of every month, all winter long. Any attempts at an excuse will only see your membership relinquished. If that’s not quite your style, take a dip at your leisure for $5.50 (adults) / $3.50 (children/Seniors).

This little chestnut is only 15 minutes from the studio – so when we’re not designing something amazing you know where to find us!

Andrea Dell 30/1/2013

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