Uniting Young Design Creatives- from Surry Hills to Treviso

Fabrica is a creative school that offers a unique education experience to an elite group of students chosen each year from the thousands of applications received, basically the crème della crème of our up and coming new creative talents. Based in Treviso in Northern Italy (Treviso is the hometown of Tira Mi Su and Prosecco one good reason to want to study there!) Fabrica is sponsored by the Benneton Group which aims at uniting young creatives whilst encouraging cultural exchange and social improvement. The school is brimming with creatives in the field of graphic designers, architects, photographers, musicians, film makers, writers and entrepreneurs. If you happen to be one of the lucky 50 who find themselves on Fabrica’s admission list, you can expect to enter an amazing world of research and imagination. Sign me up Scotty!

Visit www.fabrica.it for an insight into this amazing design community.