Use 20% less ink by just changing your font?


In these times of global warming, we designers are constantly faced with challenges of how we can minimise our footprint on this planet. Its not just using recycled materials and less paper but what about all those ink and toner cartridges piling up in landfill?

Thankfully some clever cats over at Spranq in Holland have come up with an idea for an EcoFont? “Eco what”, you say? Well, Its pretty simple really, it works on the same concept as halftones, using lots of dots with space in between to create a solid area.

The letterforms are filled with tiny little circles and when printed at normal type sizes are undetectable to the naked eye. This results in a font that consumes 20% less ink! With the EcoFont, Spranq are hoping to increase environmental awareness within the creative industries. Eco Font is free to download and free to use…
Click here to check it out..

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