What Constitutes Great Branding! Part 2!

Who develops brand strategy? It is usually a team of people; no one does it alone. It is a result of an extended dialogue amoung CEO, marketing, sales, advertising, public relations, operations, and distribution. Global companies frequently bring in brand strategists; independent thinkers and authorities, strategic marketing firms, and brand consultants. It often takes someone from the outside who is an experienced strategic and creative thinker to help a company articulate what is already there. Companies also use marketing research to determine and test the best strategies.

Sometimes a brand strategy is born at the inception of a company by a visionary, such as Anita Roddick, Steve Jobs, Martha Stewart, or Jeff Bezos. Sometimes it takes a visionary leader, such as Lou Gerstner, CEO, IBM, to bring brand strategy to a new level because the company has become a behemoth. Companies frequently survive and prosper because they have a clear brand strategy. Companies falter because they don’t have one.

Taken from “Designing Brand Identity – A complete Guide to Creating, Building, and Maintaining Strong Brands”

Triscia 19/01/10