What makes a successful Graphic Designer – Natural Talent or Design Degrees?

I came across this great entry whilst searching for design blogs to gain inspiration. I totally agree with some of the points made in this entry. My business partner and I do discuss this very point quite often. I am of the opinion that natural talent nurtured with some formal design training will produce a great and all rounded graphic designer.

What do you think?


Charlie B. Johnson



Last weekend my niece was too insistent, asking me to accompany her to an exhibition at her Design School. She believed that I will be taken aback by the remarkable design projects of fresh grads and trust me I did not regret my approval. However, looking at the creative artpieces of those young chaps made a question tick in my mind, which we all don’t think of answering seriously.Why was it that all the students from the same college, same badge with the same graphic design lessons did not come up with equally remarkable work? Today I want you all to help me clear this confusion… when so many people are going through the same educational process but why only few succeed to come up with extraordinary creations?In my opinion it’s the gifted spark which is possessed by few people. I’ve heard the argument so many times that art can be learned, but I think people with the natural right artistic sense can only succeed. The vast information available on net has made it easy for people (without any sense of design and aesthetics) to claim themselves as graphic designers. A non artistic person can be taught about designing but I don’t honestly think they can truly create a good design.I strongly believe that design lessons and degrees can “one” one’s skills to a certain level of perfection but if someone lacks the imaginative talent, he can’t be a successful designer. There are so many people who have successfully obtained their designer degrees from top universities who can become “good” designers, but will never be “great”. If there’s not at least some of that innate thing we call “talent” though, there is no way to get it.However, many people strongly believe that an individual can be whatever he wants to be, no matter if he is not bestowed with any god-given talent, just practise and determination can fill in the space.How many of you agree that hard work, determination and motivation are such crucial requirements to achieve success, which talent cannot do? Well, my vote goes for “Talent”…let’s see how you guys have valid points to prove your opinion.