Worlds collide: Cupcakeries vs Ganglands

I love a little mashup and our friends at The Jailbreak do too. They have covered a new little craze that is hitting the art scene or is it the crime/cupcake/cartography scene? You decide!

Cupcakeries vs Ganglands

The concept of the mashup: in every medium, from music, to illustration, to film, the trend on the cutting edge is to combine things in an unexpected way to produce something novel. But here’s my question of the moment; Can you make “art” by mashing up a google map? Case in point: this map that mashes up data about gang territories in San Francisco’s Mission District with data about bakeries located in those same areas.If you’re curious about the origins project you can read about it in greater detail at The Atlantic, though personally I think the curious juxtapostion speaks for itself and really doesn’t bear further explanation. If you’re in that camp, here’s a larger version of the map.

Andrea Dell 12.4.2011